Live Without a Net..flix

Reed Hastings, CEO and Co-founder of Netflix


There have been many tragic deaths related to suicide: Kurt Cobain, David Carradine, Michael Hutchence. However, nothing compares to the apparent corporate suicide that Netflix seems insistent on committing. For the past month Netflix has managed to not only turn away customers by increasing fees by 60%, losing their contract with Starz, but now they’ve decided to divide into two companies. The streaming portion will still be known as Netflix while the DVD portion will be called Qwickster. Although Qwickster refers to their “quick delivery,” I have a feeling it may refer to their even quicker demise. Of course, many if not all of you already know this. However, I thought I’d bring you up to speed in case you’re just now tuning in.

If you’re a current subscriber like myself, then you received an e-mail from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings explaining in full Netflix’s plans for its final descent and ultimate destruction. If you haven’t read it, you should. It’s one of the funniest, fluffed-filled pieces of shit I’ve laid eyes on since reading a few pages of the Twilight saga. The “aww, gee shucks” attitude practically oozes off the screen in a patronizing way that even the slowest of us can pick up on. Let’s face it, the only way this guy can feel the pulse of his customers is if all of our heads are up his ass. Proof? In his e-mail he uses Borders bookstore as an example of successful businesses. Huh? Really? The last time I checked, Borders stores all around the country are closing. That may not be the best example to compare yourself to. Wait, maybe for Netflix, it is.

As an avid user of Netflix for over a year and a half, I have thoroughly enjoyed their service. With Netflix, I’ve been able to turn my sons on to old Mystery Science Theater episodes. With it, I’ve come to accept and enjoy Starbuck being a female in the Battlestar Galactica remake. I’ve been drawn into the world of Torchwood and now the version of Dr. Who that initiated it. The best though, is that through steaming on my iPhone, I now have something to do while my son takes piano lessons on the campus of a local university other than ogle college girls in Ugg boots and tight black pants like the creepy “man of a certain age” I am.

So you wanna focus on streaming? Fine. Then do it. Phase out DVDs and give subscribers a six month notice that it’s going to happen with a promise to improve streaming. Sure, raise streaming rates too but then focus on quality. Use the money saved in buying and shipping DVDs to boost the online catalog and give the movie companies a little extra to make them happy. Instead, you decide to isolate subscribers and lose a major contract resulting in a substantial decline in your stock.

Like so many of the avid Netflix fans, I have the anger of a scorned lover over their apparent shunning of its customers. The semi-apologetic e-mail from its CEO is too little, too late, and too patronizing. We are witnessing the downfall of a great service, shot down by corporate greed that shows the intelligence equivalent of the thought process of a bottle cap.

Consider yourself  Throwndown. Now streaming in 1080p.



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8 responses to “Live Without a Net..flix

  1. Anonymous

    Wow, You are an idiot. It says right in the email Borders was successful until they wouldn’t embrace change. You need to learn to read.
    Secondly, its absolutely clear you aren’t an expert on intellectual property because what Netflix is doing is incredibly savvy. I doubt you play chess but these moves would be followed by !!! in the notation. In other words unexpected and good.
    Lastly, your only choices for something to do while your son takes music lessons to are ogle college girls or be on of those obnoxious people who watches TV on their phone? Rather than disturbing people around you and staring at a screen every second of you life why don’t you pick up a book, or a newspaper, or a magazine. You can’t be a writer unless you read every second you have a chance and you clearly could use some work on your writing.

    • Anonymous

      Bwahahahahaha! Ok, ok, I’ll stop laughing hysterically now. I’ll also concede that, yes in my haste, I partially and unintentionally misused the Borders reference from Hasting’s e-mail. However, how often in print or spoken media does that happen? But, ok, partial victory to you (yay).

      However, the remainder of your reply is based solely on conjecture; very erroneous conjecture I might add. Here at The Throwdown we don’t mind a good rebuke, however, we do ask that you base it in fact. Of course I understand completely your compulsion to fill your diatribe with baseless personal attacks. Let’s face it, other than the correction on the e-mail, you have no other argument. Everything else I posted on here is fact. If, as I assume you did, read any articles regarding Netflix like I have recently (gasp), you already know this. But here’s a recap; Fact: Netflix will lose Starz thereby losing a number of movies in their online catalog. Fact: since their changes Netflix stock has plummeted. Fact: a majority of subscribers are pissed about the changes. Savvy business decision, indeed. Guess you owned me on that one (in case you missed it, that was sarcasm).

      Here at The Throwdown we have some basic philosphies. First and foremost, we enjoy taking things we observe going on around us and commenting on it; trying to throw a comedic bone here or there. Even if its the three of us lauging, we are still happy. Yes, it’s usually cynical in nature, but we are, and always have been, sarcastic guys. Also, we love to rope in those sad sacks who take this shit way too seriously and get a rise out of them. In the later, I consider myself a raging success. For, indeed, I reeled you in hard. Hook, line, and sinker.

      Checkmate bitch. Bwahahahahaha!!!!

      • Don’t sweat ogling college girls. I’m in my thirties and love the fact that I still get ogled. Glad to see there’s a grown man left alive with some fire below the belt. Don’t listen to anyone posting anonymously.

    • Big Angry pretty much ate your lunch already, but I’d like to step in here. I usually don’t allow “Anonymous” comments, because shit dealers such as yourself usually just personally attack, and base nothing on fact, i.e., your comment. Angry wanted to respond, so you made it through, congrats, As far as my personal view on your toxic little tirade, I’ve got a massive issue with some gutless monkey banging on a keyboard, and telling someone who can or can’t be a writer. I’ll give you a free lesson that you won’t learn from some stiff English Lit. professor, junior. A writer lives life, to the fullest, and then, writes. Get off your ass, stop reading all your ideological bullshit and posting dumb ass comments on the internet. By the way, we’re bloggers. Intellectual property, my ass.

  2. Just to let you know, I’ve nominated your blog for THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD! Come check out my post and see what you think.

  3. Haven’t been on here for a couple of days, so let me make sure I extend my thanks for the nom and support!

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