The Pool is Now Open…Baywatch Babe Erika Eleniak Chats on The Throwdown.


I never watched Baywatch.  After Knight Rider, I just couldn’t accept David Hasselhoff in another role.  Sure, I know most guys just watched Baywatch to see girls run on the beach, but my point is, why not just go to the beach to watch girls run on the beach?  No, Pam Anderson, Gena Lee Nolan and whoever that other girl on the show was won’t be bounding across the sand in slow motion, but you won’t have to put up with the dialogue, either.

Now, I always dug Erika Eleniak, anyway.  She jumped out of the big cake in Under Siege, yeah, that scene, and I was cool with her.  To the point that the only other thing I remember about that movie was Tommy Lee Jones playing air guitar and humming the Star Spangled Banner while he launched missiles at…well, something.  Who cares.  I digress.

When Johnny Rantavius and I caught up with Erika, she agreed to a couple of questions, but I had to assure her it would be business related stuff, first.  I didn’t quite understand why the big deal, but later, Big Angry had informed me Howard Stern has been sending folks around asking questions again lately.  So, I get the apprehension.

All that aside, Erika was great once we got rolling.  She relaxed when we kept our end of the bargain, and really let her personality out, which is very “girl next doorish”.  I mean that in a complimentary way, since I feel I have to explain myself after Kendra Wilkinson turned that term sour with a side order of skank.  Anyway, here’s Erika, looking all middle-age hot and dishing.



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3 responses to “The Pool is Now Open…Baywatch Babe Erika Eleniak Chats on The Throwdown.

  1. Man, I’ve got to get to Hollywood. She’s at least 10 years older than me but looks way younger. Seriously not fair. Glad to see she didn’t play the “dumb Hollywood blonde” card. She seems pretty together.

    • The video doesn’t do her justice, she is very naturally pretty up close, which surprised me. I was thinking she’d wear more makeup and yes, act ditzy. I was completely wrong on both accounts. She’s a pretty focused gal.

  2. craig

    Still as gorgeous as ever .

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