Million Dollar Interview: The Throwdown Catches Up with Wrestling’s Ted DiBiase.

Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase


Liked wrestling? No.  As a youngster, I lived for wrestling.  Let’s have the sports vs. entertainment debate another time.  I was a kid, and for me, wrestling was larger than life.  You see, I was introduced to the world of wrasslin’ by my late grandfather, Pappy Maddawg, of course.  The thing you never did was imply to my grandfather that wrestling was fake, at least, not until after  legendary wrestler “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers landed on my gpa’s lap  at a match and spit blood all over my elder’s new suit.  I don’t know why he was wearing a suit, maybe wrestling fans had a dress code in the 1960’s.

But, I digress.  I first heard of pro wrestling’s Ted DiBiase in his younger days in Mid-South Wrestling.  Back then, there was no internet, and cable T.V. was the high number channels you received when it wasn’t storming out.  So, to learn about wrestling in other parts of the country, one had to purchase a “wrestling magazine”, full of articles and pictures of events that seemed like they were in another universe.  I read of DiBiase’s classic ring wars with names such as “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, and wondered if I would ever one day get to see these wrestlers I’d read about.

Flash forward, ahem, several years, and not only have I watched Ted DiBiase wrestle, this August I got to stick a microphone at him and ask him a slew of questions.  Ted was great, and chatted with me like I was an old friend.  He was once the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, hated by nice, kind folks on every shore, but now, he’s just Ted DiBiase.  And his little secret is, it wasn’t about the good, bad or money, it was all about entertaining the crowd.  Thanks for the memories, Ted.  Million dollars or not, you’re still the gold standard in my book.  Roll ’em!



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2 responses to “Million Dollar Interview: The Throwdown Catches Up with Wrestling’s Ted DiBiase.

  1. You got to interview Ted DiBiase. Lucky bastard.

    • Sure did! The guy is unbelievable. The second the mic was put in his hand for our promo, you could see him light up. Where some celebs read their lines, Ted just knocked it outta the park. I thought the people gathered nearby were going to break into applause for a second.

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