NFL Comes To It’s Senses, Allows Special 9-11 Gear to Be Worn.



Who says Twitter is completely useless?  Take the National Football League, for instance.  In the past, pro athletes have tweeted about some pretty pointless things, but not Chicago Bear Lance Briggs,  and Tennessee Titan Matt Hasselbeck.  Both players tweeted pics of gear they plan to wear to commemorate 9-11 on Sunday, and stated that even facing a fine, wouldn’t budge on the issue.  Along with some other NFL players, their actions may have forced the league to have a backbone, and join the rest of the country in paying our respects.

You see, just a few days ago, Reebok released some of the gear that NFL players could wear to pay homage to the 9-11 tragedy during the full slate of games this Sunday, also coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the worst tragedy on American soil.  The problem being, the National Football League has a very specific code regarding uniforms.  The league got out in front of this issue, and immediately let players know, they would be fined for wearing the unapproved gear.

Why?  How in the Hell was this move to the advantage of the NFL?  It wasn’t as if the apparel was being produced by some guy side-jobbing as a shoemaker in his backyard.  The stuff is made by Reebok.  You know, the same Reebok that is the OFFICIAL EQUIPMENT SPONSER of the NFL.  The same NFL that forces every player to wear items of pink for the entire month of October, to support the fight against breast cancer.  Not that I have a problem against the war on breast cancer, I just 1)hate all kinds of cancer, not just one specific type, and 2)don’t get why the league forces this particular issue. Obviously, there are people in high places that have league commissioner Roger Goodell’s ear.

Fine, if the league wants to support only certain foundations, its their call.  This, this is different.  9-11 affected all Americans.  Not just a certain group, and quite frankly, I think this is just more proof the NFL has, pardon the pun, lost it’s balls.  Sure, the league waived the fines for wearing the items, and have “allowed” any player that wants to don the stuff to do so without penalty, but it’s still a ridiculous statement.  The whole league should be wearing these items, just like they do for breast cancer.

But, it’s become pretty apparent, the National Football League deems some events more tragic than others.

I’m JB Maddawg, and your ass just got THROWN a touchDOWN.


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