Cancellation Material, “Blues Brothers: The Series”.

The Infamous Jake and Ellwood Blues


Chicago.  It’s near and dear to me, and all of us here at The Throwdown have had near death, fully drunk, possibly jailed or just plain WTF moments there, and that was usually on Sunday mornings.  It’s a town that has its sleeves rolled up, ready for business or trouble.  The city can be your best chum, however, it can be your ex-wife’s lawyer, as well.  Like any town, you need to know where to go to make things happen, but don’t say I pointed you there when you accidentally end up on South Halstead Street with a knife in your back.

There are some things, that are sacred cows in the Windy City(nicknamed for windbag politicians of the early 20th century, not the breeze rolling off the lake), among them, our sports franchises, and of course, The Blues Brothers.

The Blues Brothers came out in 1980 and the film changed the city forever.  It was more of an homage to the toddlin’ town, showcasing many of our landmarks, personalities and culture.  Jake and Ellwood Blues ARE Chicago.  I believe it is a city ordinance that if one is travelling in an automobile on what maybe our most famous underground thoroughfares, all person(s) in said vehicle must recite the line, “this is definitely Lower Wacker Drive”.

Yet, after the death of John Belushi, who played Jake Blues, the magic was over.  Martyrs of music, clowns of Chitown, we here knew that the infamous Blues Brothers would never be diplomats of our fair metropolis again.

That is, until 1998, when Hollywood decided it was time for a return to the classic film, obviously, sans John Belushi, and the entire city of Chicago.  Look, Toronto, where the sequel was filmed,  may be a quaint city, eh?  But, it is not the city of broad shoulders.  Toronto, could never, will never, be confused with Chicago.  To say Chicagoans went apeshit over The Blues Brothers 2000 is a slight understatement.  It was of little concession that John’s brother, Jim and John Goodman tried to lend a hand to Dan Akroyd to capture the original film’s magic.  We do not speak of the sequel.  Ever.

So, cut to current day, where owner’s of the franchise, Dan Akroyd and John Belushi’s wife, Judy, are trying to yet stab at our icons from Hell’s heart.  Being shopped to television at press time is a Blues Brothers weekly series, the premise being the actual Jake and Ellwood Blues characters searching for their father.

“It would be ‘Route 66’ meets ‘Glee,’ and it all goes to hell in a handbasket,” said former SNL writer Anne Beatts, courtesy of    Reminds me of a time from my youth when I was served a meal called “shit on a shingle” and told “no, trust me, it’s really good!”.

For all that is still good and right in Chicago, please do not do this, Mr. Akroyd, Ms. Belushi.  The show has six episodes and cancellation written all over it.  Just write a book about it like everyone else and call it a career.



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3 responses to “Cancellation Material, “Blues Brothers: The Series”.

  1. Not from Chicago, but I can surely understand. More confusing to me, is (fans aside) why this would have relevance outside of Chicago and 31 years later. If they are gonna make a show, I’d much rather see it in the vein of the Spaceballs cartoon, rather than someone pretending to be Jake and Elwood. I liken this to George Lucas messing with the original Star Wars trilogy over and over again. Another bad idea Mr. Akroyd has planned, he says Ghost Busters 3 is to be shot early in 2012 with or without Bill Murray. Hopefully he’ll get some new ideas for Christmas before that happens.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Way to much retro, here. Hell, why not a Smokey and the Bandit show before the Blues Brothers, followed by an hour of another fine Planet of the Apes venture. They could call it “the most unimaginative night on television.”

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    I agree with ya. Don’t mess with a great thing. A series would totally ruin my great memories of The Blues Brothers.

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