Erin Grey Puts it All in Black and White for The Throwdown

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I’ve been a fan of Erin Grey ever since she first appeared in those nice, little tight space clothes she wore on the hit T.V. series, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.  I always dreamed of kicking Gil Gerard’s ass and running off with Erin to be married with Dr. Theopolis as my best man.  Hey get off my back, I was like eight…and thumbs up to me anyway for the killer Dr. Theo reference.  What, you don’t know who…see he was this little round computer guy that…ah, nevermind.

Well, skip forward a couple o’ decades and here I am with a chance to interview Ms. Grey.  Right before we go on, she looks at me and says, “ugg, the lighting in here is horrible….” I cut her off abruptly and spew out, like a moron, “you look fantastic!”.  She smiled sweetly, and we both knew, yeah, I was digging on  Colonel Wilma Deering.

Nowadays, Erin actually has a company that hires out the celebrities that appear in many conventions, so she also gave us the skinny on her current ventures.  Actually, Erin and I had such a good little chat going, we ran over a bit on time, so unfortunately, readers and viewers, you’ll never get to see the footage of me asking Erin what happened to Kenny Rogers’ face.  Ah, well…next time.



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3 responses to “Erin Grey Puts it All in Black and White for The Throwdown

  1. How often do ya get to meet your fantasy girl? Lucky dog!!!!

  2. Wow, she looks great. I remember my dad having the biggest thing for her. I’m slightly worried that I remember that…

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