Rare Footage of The Walking Dead’s Keisha Tillis Schooling Me.


Alright, so you have to understand something.  It’s around four in the afternoon on Saturday at Comic Con with thousands of people around.  I’m hot, sweaty and my feet are killing my because I’ve decided to wear a brand new pair of boots for an all day event.  Getting slappy from the celebrity overdose of interviews I’d done, dealing with a “no photo zone” thug that was too galactically  stupid to understand what a press badge is and barely ingesting a slice of pizza, I was shot.

The toll had been taken on Johnny Rants, as well.  I could tell he was really starting to suffer from all costumed folk that were completely oblivious to the fact, we were on camera and indeed, filming.  This was the perfect storm for a rough interview.

We hadn’t scheduled an interview with the lovely Keisha Tillis, from AMCs hit series, The Walking Dead, but we saw an opening and ran.  Keisha really was a great sport, chatting with us and having no problem being asked just a couple quick questions.  Only problem was, I was the one that wasn’t prepared.  It started well, but then, I blew it.  It’s not every day you elude to an actress that her character has been killed off a successful series, but that’s exactly what I did.

Now, mind you, Keisha reacted great, and afterwards, even kind of giggled about it, but I felt awful.  It’s been so long since I’ve seen that first episode of The Walking Dead when Keisha appeared, I made the mistake of winging something.  Honestly, I’d been better off asking her what she enjoys ordering at a Thai restaurant.  Oh, well.  I’ve seen Ann Curry hack up interviews like a Tribeca butcher, and NBC hangs on to her ass.

Enough prattling.  Here’s the quickie interview.  And remember to look for AMC’s season two premiere on October 16th.  Maybe we’ll even get to see  the undead, and still on the payroll, Keisha Tillis.  


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