The Zombie Survival Crew, Throwdown Style.


When Rants and I went to Wizard World in Chicago, we took a bit of a break from the celeb interviews and decided to walk the floor a bit, you know, mingle with the peeps.  Mostly uneventful, till I got separated from JR and realized he also had my phone and wallet in his equipment bag.  I was almost forced to ask Peter Tork from the Monkees for a ride home. Seriously.  Anyway, once I found Rants, we ran into an interesting booth and decided to find out a bit more.  Turns out it was for a pretty wicked premise for an entire brand called the Zombie Survival Crew.  Rather than sit hear and read what the deal is all about, we figured you’d rather see the vid and let one of the ZSC folks tell you directly.  We’ve also provided a link on the sidebar here at The Throwdown…see it?  Nope…little further…there you go.  Click it, after you check out the vid, o course.  Join up today!  Celebs from AMC’s The Walking Dead and the Boondock Saints are even joining, so you’ll be in good company. Till next time, monkies.  Your ass just got throwndown, zombie style.



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3 responses to “The Zombie Survival Crew, Throwdown Style.

  1. Thank you so much guys!!!
    It was great to meet you and I hope you’ve joined up!!
    *twirls crossbow*

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