Julia Benson Talks Life After Stargate Universe with The Throwdown

I should probably start by saying, I’ve never seen an episode of Stargate Universe, and as a result, I’m not entirely familiar with the cast itself.  The thing is, one of my teammates here on The Throwdown, one Johnny Rantavius, is familiar with the show.

“She played Vanessa James on the show,” Rants scowled at me, “now get up there and interview her”.  

Thankfully, I’ve learned to trust the judgement of Johnny Rantavius over the years, and it worked.  I found Julia Benson to be warm and inviting, and was so professional, she offered handshakes and introductions before we got started with the on camera stuff.  Granted, there was only a sparse amount of time to get the dish from Julia, as plenty of folks were waiting to chat with the actress, but it really was wonderful to see someone interacting with their fan base so cordially. There wasn’t an air of “stand next to me and give me money” from Julia, she genuinely seemed to want to greet her fans, which some actors and actresses seem to lose sight of after time.

 Anyway, catch our vid of the chat here, and if you have a chance to meet Julia in person, do so.  Yeah, she’s mind-numbingly hot, but she’s a good representative for how Hollywood should be, as well.


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