Oh, Mimi, Oh My. Mimi Rogers Tells the Throwdown the Lowdown

So, recently when Johnny Rants and I went to the Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago, we had an opportunity to catch up with the always classy Mimi Rogers.  Now, there were certainly no shortage of celebs in attendance to dish with, but Mimi Rogers was one of my personal favs.   I think she was a bit relieved when we showed up for our chat, not so much for our arrival, but for the departure of the guy before us that was more interested in having Mimi sign his copy of her Playboy layout from 1993.  Nothing says classy like having a celebrity sign “Hugs N Kisses” all over pics of said celebrity in their birthday suit. While being less than two feet away.  Egads.

Yet, I digress.  I didn’t offer up any stock pics of Mimi in the buff, as I was there to be professional; getting her thoughts on Hollywood today and “back in the day”.  I found the former Mrs. Tom Cruise to be informative, extremely charismatic and a wisdom that seems to be sparse, nowadays.  Then, there were her sensitive, yet smoldering eyes, the way she elegantly moved, and…what was I talking about again?  Kidding.  Of course, she was a knockout in person, but I kept my focus and Mimi did share some thoughts on the Hollywood machine that seems never to give more mature actresses decent roles. Watch the interview right here, and dig for yourself.   


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  1. You my acquaintance are a genius

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