The Throwdown to Invade Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2011

Now, it’s no secret we’ve been gearing up for some action around here at the offices of The T-Down, and we want the true followers to get in on the ground floor of our big return. So, when tech producer Johnny Rantavious, contributor Big Angry and myself found out the Comic Con’s shindig was gonna be in our own backyard, we felt we had to be involved.

The merchandise and booths will obviously be a huge draw, not to mention some first looks at goods not yet available to the general public, but what’s got us shining up our boots is the names that will be in attendance this year.

Sir Patrick Stewart, from the Star Trek, and X-Men franchises, respectively, will be one of the top celebs along with names like Bruce Campbell, famous from the Evil Dead movies and many other roles, and Christopher Lloyd from the Back to the Future films. If those names aren’t really your bag, don’t fret. Wizard World had outdone itself by bringing in some big names from Joss Wheldon’s works, mainly Buffy the Vampire Slayer. James Marsters, aka Spike, will join Charisma Carpenter, Nicholas Brendon and Julie Benz this year, but quite frankly, as soon as I saw Charisma Carpenter’s name on the list, I was already applying for my press pass. Not to mention, just a little reunion of the five kids from the classic film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which doesn’t exactly happen every time a new reality show appears.

Literally gang, the guests are enough to keep you busy at the autograph tables and photo-op booths alone. I could put together at least two more posts just naming the celebs in attendance. Wizard World has really outdone itself with the tour this year, bringing something to the table for almost everyone. Years ago, I attended an event like this and they had David Prowse(yes, the guy who merely walked around in the Vader suit)available for autographs. That’s it…no joke.

Mixed in with the above are VIP experiences with Bruce Campbell, Buffyfest, Christopher Lloyd, Felicia Day and even a concert by James Marsters on Saturday night, and you have an experience that’s well worth your hard-earned swag. I’ve provided a link so you can set yourself up with the tix to the big event. Don’t be a lame ass. Come join us.

As usual, my little monkies, your ass just got Throwdown. See you there.

JB Maddawg



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6 responses to “The Throwdown to Invade Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2011

  1. anjobanjo

    I guess I’ll probably bump into you guys there. I am going as press myself 🙂

    • JB Maddawg

      Awesome. Think if we get enough of us together, we can get ’em to spring for our lunch? See you in the pool!

      • anjobanjo

        There is a pool involved? This is actually my first Comic con where I am attending as press, so any pointers are much appreciated 🙂

      • Just the media pool. Unfortunately most of the top celebs are only going to do Q&A sessions open to the general public. The only thing I’d suggest is get there early. We’ve been told show up around 30 minutes before each session for setup. Who knows…start early enough and maybe you can sneak in a question or two before the session begins, if the celeb is receptive.

  2. anjobanjo

    AAAhh, thats great news! Because I don’t have a bathing suit figure! 🙂 Thanks for all this information! My email is radomska(at)gmail(dot)com in-case you want to compare notes 🙂

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