Future Vikings QB Schedules Surgery











I’ve not been shy about telling the world that Mr. Wishy Washy, a.k.a. Brett Favre, will be the starting Quarterback of the 2009 Minnesota Vikings.  I’m not about to back off from that statement.  I stood by it when a few weeks ago, even when his agent claimed Favre had “no plans” to return to football.  Sure.

So, why then has Brett Favre just scheduled surgery to repair his torn tendon in his right arm?  Is he looking at some primo shuffle board time on a Carnival cruise?  Is he planning on making a run on the Irish pub dart-throwing circuit?  Well, not that it’s not highly competitive, err, actually forget that.

I’ll say it again so it can sink in with you non-believers.  Brett Favre+surgery=Minnesota QB.  Done.  Any questions? 

Once the surgery is over, Favre will have 6-8 weeks of rehab, and guess what?  Rehab will finish just in time for training camp.  Coinkidink?  Hmm.  My peoples, prepare yourself.  The papers up in Green Bay might as well start the backlash of how Favre is going to “ruin his reputation” by returning to a hated enemy such as the Vikes.  Meanwhile, the folks way up in Blackduck, MN will be painting purple #4’s on their garage doors.  Bank it.


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