Indiana Jones and the Sweaty Hat













Just recently, Shia LaBeouf came clean that at the shooting end of “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, Harrison Ford gave him one of his movie-worn hats with an inscription.  Of course, all this trudged up all the usual nonsense that points to a return to the franchise.  LaBeouf said of the hat handing:

 “When I looked at the hat I saw he had written something with a silver Sharpie (pen). It said, ‘It’s all yours now, kid – Harrison.'” 

The young film star also said the legendary brown Fedora still had sweat stains from being worn in the film.  This would give one the impression that Harrison Ford actually worked hard during the film, wrongly so, as anyone that viewed the picture would probably agree, as the aged Ford mailed in a performance in the film that would have made Nicolas Cage jealous.  There has been wild speculation that LaBeouf would take over the “Indiana Jones” franchise, all denied by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.  Just remember though, reader, that Lucas once brought us all “Howard the Duck”, so take anything that comes out of his mouth with a grain of salt.

One wild speculation has Ford returning as the film icon to a plot dealing with Communism.  Maybe the working title is “Indiana Jones and Shit Nobody Cares About”.  Yet, after all the sweaty hat talk and vague political suggestion, the fact still remains that the “Indiana Jones” franchise has already been completely destroyed and it’s robotic fan base will still show up to throw hard earned money at it.  Shame.



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