Cher…Again With the Body Suit.



Over the weekend long in the tooth songstress and film has-been, Cher appeared at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and wowed fans that have a granny fetish.  I mean, just in case, you know, a 62 year old gal does it for you, how can it get any better than said granny donning the bodysuit and thigh-high boots one more time.  And hopefully, the last.

I mean, let’s end this, Cher.  I’m not saying she hasn’t had her talented days, but they are most certainly behind her.  If one can remember when Hawaii wasn’t a state, then wearing sexy undergarments in public must cease.  It’s only fair to the rest of us.  Cher said recently,  “I fear getting old”, referring to her plastic surgery and her concerns are dead on…she is old. 

No doubt, reader, you will happen upon this story in various corners of the internets, and those corners will have phrases attached such as, “62 and still smokin’!!”, or “Cher’s still got it going on!”.  Don’t believe the hype, America and far away lands, believe your own eyes.   That could be YOUR Grandma, up on stage, being all held together by fabric in all the wrong places…aw, man.  I’m gonna be sii….



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2 responses to “Cher…Again With the Body Suit.

  1. She needs to turn back time and burn that bodysuit from the first time she wore it! And thanks for the visual of my OWN Grandma in that thing. If eyes could vomit, mine would be hurling.

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