Kristen Stewart to Play Joan Jett in “The Runaways”

Kristen StewartJoan Jett
Most people that read this will be either too young or not musically inclined enough to remember a band in the late 70’s called “The Runaways”.   Back when it was still pretty “uncool” for women to be rockers,(yet, ’tis true) this band broke barriers that made it possible for the feminine side of rock to come to the forefront.  It was hard enough for a woman to make it in rock, but these were really just teenage girls.  Some names from the band you may recognize are Lita Ford, Micki Steele(the Bangles), and of course, Joan Jett, a woman still throwing down in her own way, now in her 50’s.
Their story will be told in the upcoming  titled film “The Runaways” with Twilight’s Kristen Stewart playing the infamous Ms. Jett, along with Dakota Fanning as lead singer Cherie Currie.  These picks to play the roles have been chattered about in many circles as poor, which is pretty unfortunate.  Stewart has been spending time with Jett, and the number one question in many forums of the fans is, “does Stewart have enough attitude to play the rock idol?”  


Personally, not being a fan of anything “Twilight” related, I believe it to be a fine pick.  Sure, Stewart seems a bit low key to BE Joan Jett, yet many of the same criticisms were made of Joaquin Phoenix for “Walk the Line”.  That’s before Joaquin started the whole bearded rapper thing, mind you.  Back then, these were edgy, female teenagers trying to break into the punk rock/indie music scene, they were not cut from the same cloth as Britney Spears.  Sure, they had to have an attitude, and I’m sure Kristen Stewart will be able to pull off Jett’s mannerisms.  As for the singing, well, that’s what movie magic is for.  Let’s face it, the producers aren’t asking Stewart to play Courtney Love.

Honestly, when the movie is released, I believe it’s going to be a huge, unexpected success.  What this world needs right now, musically speaking, is some moxy.  Techno drums just don’t have the personality of a seventeen year old kid that picked up a guitar and started giving the world the finger.  If this picture holds together, we may just see a return to some badly needed musical taste, and for Kristen Stewart, the possible chance to escape being forever known as “that vampire film chick”.  I leave the uniformed with a back in the day clip of “The Runaways”…enjoy.




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4 responses to “Kristen Stewart to Play Joan Jett in “The Runaways”

  1. aestar101

    That seem really interesting

    • Kasimir

      I think it will be, also. There aren’t too many movies that I’m amped to see anymore, but this is refreshing. I think it’s one of the best unsung stories of rock.

  2. Wonderer

    i believe if someone can portray the young Joan Jett and convey The runaways female, teen “revolution” and attitude…than Kristen Stewart is the perfect choice of this role. Her blossoming talent and unique personality is a garantee for the film success, and of course if the big guys really take the movie seriously. I want too see her in that role!

  3. ErinLuvKrisAndRob


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