Manny Ramirez to Do A 50 Stint on Suspension

manny-ramirezThis Thursday, Manny Ramirez was tagged for a positive drug test, sending the baseball world (mainly Dodger fans)into a blue tinted tizzy.  Ramirez had actually tested positive during spring training, but recently received a second test, which also came up positive.  Manny declined his appeal, and BOOM, 50 day immediate suspension by Major League Baseball. 

First of all, I don’t compare this to the A-Rod thing at all.  I personally think Manny Ramirez is a bit of an idiot, but I’m not sure this is something one can look at and tag as “another drugged up ballplayer”.  The substance Ramirez was banned for is not an HGH or steroid. It is an HGC, and falls into the category commonly of women’s fertility drugs.  With that being said, however, the drug can also be used to boost testosterone output, because as most seventh-grade P.E. teachers will tell you, steroids reduce testosterone levels.

So, kids, the big question is, was Manny taking this drug to keep his sex life in order, or covering up something more sinister?  From my vantage point, I don’t see how this guy is trying to get an edge.  I think Manny’s doc prescribed something that was in poor judgement.  If Ramirez is guilty of anything, I think it’s being an oaf that doesn’t know enough to pick up a telephone.  He’s a talented ballplayer that obviously didn’t check into the ramifications of taking strange medication and now is 8 million dollars lighter. 

Regardless, he’s 50 games out, and will be back with the Dodgers in July.  The Dodgers will certainly feel that one, as Manny will feel it as well.  Who knows how his fans will view this, especially, Alyssa Milano. 

So, we’re back at square one.  Manny, uninformed dummy or drug using miscreant?  You make the call…I could care less, I’m a White Sox fan.


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  1. So Manny’s out and A-Rod is in… I haven’t heard yet if any of these guys will be barred from the Hall of Fame because of their confirmed drug usage

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