Brett Favre, Starting QB for the 2009 Minnesota Vikings

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Just last week, I was reading my hometown paper, The Chicago Tribune, and saw a bit on Brett Favre possibly returning to football.  The article was uninteresting, but more provoking was the responses from the readers.  Mushmellons, most of them, only knowing football to the sense of how da Bears won it all back in ’85.  Hardly any of them made a decent argument why Mr. Favre WOULD NOT return, in the form of a Minnesota Viking.  Personally, I’m floored by this phenomenon.  Have pro football fans really become this dense, or is it just a Chicago thing?  Here’s the deal, real quick and easy like:

Brett Favre is a future Hall of Fame entry that has a Super Bowl ring and enough money to bail out the auto industry.  What’s left for him to do in pro football?  Nothing, except burn the cheese out of his former team, the Green Bay Packers.  I believe it all started when “the Pack” refused to sign Randy Moss a few years back to help the team get to the next level.  After that, Brett Favre changed; he wasn’t so married to his team anymore.  Now, he feels insulted by the way Green Bay ended it all, and he’s looking to finish what he really wanted to do last year without all the draft pick nonsense involved.  Join the Vikes, and pound on the Packers twice a year, all from the comfort of a heated dome.  

If one looks at it from the Minnesota Vikings angle, it’s a no-brainer.  Kids, football is about wins.  If you actually believe the Vikes would put Sage Rosenfels or Tavaris Jackson ahead of Brett Favre, you should stop watching football and join a WNBA fantasy league.  Trust me, name the last superstar Quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, and if you come at me with Randall Cunningham or Daunte Culpepper, I’ll strangle you through this computer screen. 

So, yes, my little eggplants in NFC North.  Brett Favre WILL be your starting QB in 2009.  It’s the perfect pair up of an aged hero, bent on destroying his former fan base, and a team that desperately needs someone that can throw the football further than my four year old.  But don’t think that will actually get the Vikes any closer to winning a Super Bowl. 



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8 responses to “Brett Favre, Starting QB for the 2009 Minnesota Vikings

  1. I completely agree with you on all levels. It would be great if the Vikings picked Favre up in the off-season to pound the hated Packers. He would have four weapons on offense for Receivers, and the best Running Back in the League. Once again you’re right: the Vikes haven’t had a star QB since the 60’s and 70’s with Jim Kapp, and Fran Tarkenton. I really think that’s all the Vikings need is a QB(and a good one), and then we’ll get to the Super Bowl. Until that time; maybe a shot with Jackson… definitely not with Rosenfels. He spends way to much time in the pocket. Just look at the week five game against Indy when the Texans had them beat 31-0, and lost 34-31. We need a QB in Minnesota, and maybe it’ll be Favre. I just don’t think he liked the Jets very much, guessing by the 9-7 record he posted with them in 2008.

    • Maddog

      I think that’s pretty much the deal with Favre. He was miserable on the Jets, because he never wanted to be there in the first place. The Vikes had talked to Favre early on, and Brett drooled over duking it out with the Pack. I honestly don’t think it will be too long before we see the #4 jersey in purple.

  2. Kevin Jarman

    I’m a die hard Packers fan BUT I’m also a Favre fan.
    If he wants to play then the Vikings are his BEST chance to win another SB! Dear GOD. I might even be seen in a purple (shudder)
    ”4″ jerzy =)

    • Maddog

      Wow, in other parts of the country, football fans might not get the full impact of your statement. A Packer fan putting on “the purple” is HUGE. I know what you’re saying, though. I had the same problem when Steve McMichael and Jim McMahon went up to play for you guys years ago. I just couldn’t turn on them. Always gotta respect the guys that brought you the rings!

    • bunkbink

      I, too, am a die hard Packers fan and a huge Favre fan. However, you will NEVER see me in a VIKING Jersey!

      Brett, Don’t do it! I am not against you coming back – just not there! (well, a few more teams too) LOL

      If you think Brett did not play like he was on the road to the SB just “cause he was unhappy being with the Jets” – you OBVIOUSLY were not watching the same NFL games I did…

  3. This team could utilize Brett Favre’s experience. They can’t put all of they’re problems on his shoulders like the Jet’s did. Towards the end of the season last year, it seemed like they left everything up to #4. There has to be someone there to assess the mistakes and improve the team from the inside out. I think Brad Childress is that person. He has to continue to set the example for this young team. Entering his 29th season as a coach, and 9th as an NFL coach he has done an amazing job. I would like to see them go undefeated and win the superbowl. That would be the best way for “The Legend” to go out like a Legend. What happened to that MVP we use to know? Why are a lot of people hating on him cause he’s older? He needs a receiver like Antonio Freeman to boost his confidence. He will have a good RB with Adrian Peterson at least. It will be interesting to see how they do. Good luck Vikings!

  4. Now I think I want Brett Favre to shut Francis Tarkenton up too…He had plenty of chances to get the ring…I’ll still admire Mr.Tarkenton and i’ll still read the books about him because he is the reason I’m a Vikings fan, but if we could have a legitimate chance to win; not just against green bay, but everyone!!! Woohoo….goooo Brett…

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