Hugh Jackman, The Throwdown Accepts Your Challenge



*Just an update folks, this is an old post I’d written, when Hugh Jackman issued a general challenge about adoption.  We don’t really care for general challenges around here at The Throwdown, and even though he seems to be a good man, Jackman needed to be called on his words.  For some reason, this post has been getting press lately without any promotion at all.  So, we give ya what ya want here at The T Down.  While we’re all busy with the upcoming weeks posts, seems like a good time for a re-release.  Enjoy it, monkies.

When I first registered THE THROWDOWN, I promised myself it wouldn’t turn into a hit job on only the famous people I didn’t care for.  To be truly invested, I knew I’d have to call out some celebrities I really admire if I was going to post with any credibility.  Just about a month ago, I gave praise(yep, it’s a rarity around here)to Hugh Jackman for not liking the leaked “Wolverine” film over the internet.  He said what he felt, and he felt that he wanted fans to enjoy a nicely finished product, not some incomplete vision.  I agreed with Jackman, completely.  I find him to be an honorable man with a true gift and passion for his craft.  Wait for it…

BUT, Hugh made a huge mistake trying to defend Madonna’s adoption attempts.  Jackman said of Madge, “I challenge anyone who thinks you adopt a kid for a publicity stunt.” Sir, you challenge, me?  That one’s gonna cost you, Wolvie.  Here comes that part where I hammer on people I respect out of fairness.

I understand how committed Jackman is to adoption, as he has himself adopted two American children, but his thinking is flawed.  Let’s get something real clear, Hugh.  Your statement doesn’t hold water, and here’s why:  you’re a hot ticket in Hollywood, look up a girl by the name of Christina Crawford.  That would be late great actress Joan Crawford’s adopted daughter.  Watch the famous film “Mommy Dearest”, based on Christina’s tell all book about her nutty adoptive parent. I doubt she will agree with your bullshit quote.  People adopt children for all sorts of crazy reasons, Hugh.  Just because you did it from your heart, doesn’t mean trash bags like Madonna are cut from the same moral cloth as yourself. 

Secondly, Madonna does everything for publicity.  From her “Sex” book, to ripping up Pope pics on SNL, she can’t control herself.  She is the genuine article.  “Attention whore” doesn’t say enough about this imbecile.  What, you honestly think she kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera few years back, because she was in the mood?  Queen Madge has to see her name in the paper, folks.  It’s just a pity that a square guy like Jackman can’t figure that out on his own. 

Good luck  on the opening of “X Men Origins: Wolverine”, Hugh.  I honestly hope you have a great opening weekend.  But don’t ever issue a general challenge again.  I will knock your ass down. 



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2 responses to “Hugh Jackman, The Throwdown Accepts Your Challenge

  1. Lusy

    As long as we’re getting things clear, Madonna never ripped up a picture of the Pope on SNL.

    • Maddog

      Quite right. Sinead O’Connor was the person that ripped up the Pope pic on SNL years ago, not Madonna. Thank you for the correction. I will now offer a some subs for Madonna’s publicity circus: The now and again British accent she’s “picked up” after living in the U.S. for over three decades OR she dyed her pet sheep for a photo shoot.

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