“Heat” Sucks. Let It Go, Already.













I get into movie discussions frequently enough to say that about a couple of times a year, I find myself trying to keep a straight face when some “film buff” has the balls to bring up the 1995 film “Heat”.  Here are some of the micro-blog reviews I’ve heard of this over-hyped gem:

“Come on. Pacino.  DeNiro.  What could be better, right?” 

“A film for the ages.  Michael Mann painted a three hour masterpiece.”

“Two masters of the craft, battling wits for cinematic glory.”

WTF.  Put away the Jergen’s and get a grip.  These idiotic statements are usually put forth from the guy who’s at a social gathering and wants to impress his date or a small time movie reviewer that wants to play it safe and go with the flow. 

It’s like saying “Stairway to Heaven” is the greatest song of all time.  Do you really feel that way, or are you just letting the general public pick your all time favorite for you?  Hmm?  HMMMM?  The truth is I’ve watched “Heat” almost twice.  The second time was to give it a fair chance to redeem itself.  I made it approximately 45 minutes. 

You really want to hear a truly fresh opinion about this overrated mess?  Fine.  Pacino and DeNiro play a great Pacino and DeNiro in the movie.  They aren’t stretching, and it’s really just more of the same from these guys.  Michael Mann wants to portray a vibe, and that’s where it all comes apart.  It isn’t that the characters aren’t well explored, they just come out pancake flat, and provoke no emotion.  They are cardboard cut outs in a beige painted world.   That’s a bad mix in film.  This movie has always been about DeNIRO V. PACINO! Inside a steel cage, with no time limit!  It’s not a movie, it’s a Don King promotion, that disappoints like most heavyweight battles.

For those of you that want Pacino in a bank robbery movie, go rent “Dog Day Afternoon”.  Stop peddling the crap like “Heat” that makes all the zombies nod their head in unison and say “UHHhhhhggg.  Goooood movie.”   No, it’s a bad movie…that had an excellent promotions team.



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2 responses to ““Heat” Sucks. Let It Go, Already.

  1. Bryan

    I finally saw this, and was very underwhelmed. What blows my mind is when people call it a deep character study, when they tout the acting and the coffee scene, etc. I mean, if they simply said they liked the cinematography and thought the stars were attractive I would still disagree, but I could at least understand where they’re coming from. But how is it deep? Why would anybody be blown away by that Pacino/DeNiro coffee talk scene? One idiot on imdb even said this film was Pacino and DeNiro’s best work! Sheesh.

    • Well put. The historical “coffee scene” really only sticks in people’s minds because it was pushed so hard in the trailer, not to mention, it’s one of the few scenes the two stars interact. “Heat” was back in the film days where Hollywood really started leaning on actor’s names, instead of the plot.

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