Universal Deep Sixes “BioShock”



If one had  recently read my post, “Less Pirates, More Bioshock”, one would be in the know that director Gore Verbinski was not returning for “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” and was planning on heading up the upcoming Universal film “Bioshock” based on the award-winning video game.  Well, kids, uh, how do I break this to you easily?

See, it goes like this in the movie biz.  Major studio buys rights to hot idea for feature film.  Studio then sees that said film is going to run them about 160 million dollars to make, in the case of “Bioshock”.  Then, smarmy studio rep goes to Gore Verbinski and says, “yeaaaah, we’re going to need to trim some of this back so the studio can have a bigger back end if we’re going to make this happen.  You with us, Gore, baby?” 

Let’s dumb that down.  The studio thinks the movie is going to cost too much and bring too little profit.  Their solution is “cheap out making this thing or it’s dead.”  Sorry, gamers that’s business.  I know, I know.  “Bioshock” is a game that has a great back story and strong characters and even a great, creepy environment.  But so does Hollywood, and the money always wins in that town. 

It’s really better this way.  Does anybody really want to see this film made in Gore Verbinski’s bathroom starring his pets?  I didn’t think so.  Just sit back and await seeing how Jeff Bridges intends to fit back in a spandex uniform for Tron 2.


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