Congratulations, San Diego Chargers

I have to admit, I thought I’d be making this post later on tonight, but a few short minutes ago at the NFL Draft, the San Diego Chargers made a bold pick at 16th overall.  A young man at Defensive End named Larry English from Northern Illinois University.  Now, I’m sure Charger haters everywhere are laughing, but trust me.  They’re all about to be schooled. 

Anyone with any football knowledge that has seen the MAC conference, knows this guy’s name.  He’s a sheer animal.  I’ve watched enough football in my life to have only seen a few Defensive Ends act like Linebackers and get in on almost every tackle.  He’s speed is hidden in a 6-3, 255 lb. frame, and if you’re favorite team was playing the Huskies, you could count on #51 owning your team’s Halfback.  In fact, the first time I’d seen this guy was on a road trip to N.I.U., and the fans were holding up signs and pictures of Darth Vader.  I didn’t catch on until the second quarter, exactly if I was at a football game or a sci-fi convention.  I thought that was cute, until he took half the Toledo Rockets offense out of the game.  Sorry, Lord Vader, I didn’t realize….

Congratulations, San Deigo fans, you’ll be the ones laughing in a few, short months. As for your opponents in the AFC West, get ready for long afternoons filled  with images like this:


Congratulations to the San Diego Chargers scouts for knowing personnel.  Congratulations to Larry”Darth Vader” English as well.  Thanks for finally leaving the MAC.  We’ll be glad to see you go.


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  1. The MAC is definitely on the map with more players coming from that conference each year. By the way, I’m trying to find out if more fans prefer ESPN or NFL Network for coverage. Click educlaytion if you want to weigh in on the debate.

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