Yeah, I’m a Guy…and I Dig “Charmed”.


Guys always have a show that they do not speak of. We’ll deny it. Never saw it, never gonna see it. But I’m finally ready to admit it, right here on The Throwdown. I’m a “Charmed” addict.

Yes, I’m speaking of the same show starring Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan as three sisters/witches out to save humanity. From demons. And dwarves. And other really goofy things I don’t have a name for. It doesn’t matter. These chicks are HOT.

I ran into the show before work one morning, and you’d think I’d get tired of it. Na. Saw the entire series, round trip. Just seems to be something ultra appealing about a strong, vibrant woman x3, no less, blowing underworld a holes up with a wave of the hand.  Helped out by guardian angel, Leo(Brian Krause), and demon turncoat and back again, Cole(Julian McMahon), the witch sisters beat wholesale ass while trying hard to balance a normal life.  Not easy to have Sunday brunch when some freak smelling like brimstone does the pop-in and begins chucking fireballs like a crazed Nolan Ryan at your Davenport (it’s a couch, look it up, kids).

What I’ve found though, is I seem to not involve myself with the Shannen Doherty years. Sure, she was on the show for the first couple seasons, then as Shannen usually does on dramatic television shows by Aaron Spelling, got the boot.  Trust me, the shit doesn’t really start to go down until season 3, anyway.

Sure, I’m all about hockey fights, 70’s muscle cars and guitars. Come on. There’s plenty of women that watch and love football. I can watch this…can’t I? Sure, I can! You just can’t understand the love and loss that Piper, Phoebe and Paige have experienced. To be burdened with great power and responsibility, while trying to find their places in the world.

Right. Sure. That’s why I watch.


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