Ahhhhhnold, Not Acting in “Terminator: Salvation”



Yes, we can all make jokes that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger never acted, properly.   Here’s the scoop, on the “Terminator: Salvation” front.  The “governator” did a recent webcast from his office and said,

You know, right now they’re looking at the technology to see if it is possible to create a certain technology where they can use my image in the movie without me actually doing the work and filming. Because I made it very clear that I don’t have the time to do the movie.”

 Wonderful.  Now, Arnold just wants to cut and paste himself  into the film, and doesn’t understand the technology is there to do it.  C’mon Gov.  You’ve been around long enough to know Hollywood can make you sing “Comfortably Numb” with Ethel Merman on Mars without either of you showing up at the studio.  Good thing.  Ethel’s been dead since ’84.  The Gov. went on to say,

“It’s terrific, because they will basically take technology out of Terminator 1 and use that walk of mine and somehow bring it in. It’s just a brief scene anyway. They’re really looking for where one of the leads runs into a room and he all of a sudden sees the future terminators, because it’s kind of a prequel.” 

So, what looks to be happening is Arnold is going to have his mug pasted on a body double, for a quick scene.  That’s fine.  Now, this movie might possibly have a future if somebody could cut and paste ginormous ego maniac, Christian Bale, out.  Really.  Get some anger management, you loonbag. 

No word if the Governer will ever learn to pronounce California correctly.


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