“Heroes”, Take My Advice Or Be Cancelled Next Year

Here’s the deal, NBC.  I’ll teach you, free of charge, how to save “Heroes”.  The first step is admission. Come on, say it…“Hi, we’re NBC, and we have a problem.”  That wasn’t so hard. 

Look, I’ll cut right to the chase.  “Heroes” used to be cool, now it sucks.  NBC can’t hold a dramatic one hour show unless it has “Law and Order” in the title.  They’ve again decided to put “Heroes” back on in the Fall, and it may be the last season.  Before any writer on that show sits down at a computer, here’s what needs to happen.  Get rid of the cast.  I’m not joking.  They’re all terrible except for Zachary Quinto, who plays Sylar.  This group was a one-trick pony the first season. Bring in some fresh faces that can act, Milo Ventimiglia is awful, and can’t lead a series.  Cut his face time immediately.

The writers also need to shake things up on this show.  Nobody is going to watch four seasons of Matt Parkman tilting his head and squinting as a legitimate power.  Make him be able to blow people’s heads off; give Standards and Practices something to go absolutely ape-shit over.  I swear, his character is five minutes from uttering lines such as “is the card you’re holding the ace of spades?”  To bolster this, stop screwing around with minor details.  Ali Larter’s lame character has been changed so many times, she’ll be Claire’s father next season.

Also, enough already with the premonition painting.  It was stupid the first season, and has continued to dumb down the series ever since.  No one is buying it, anymore.  Stop driving the plot with premonitions of the future.  Let’s have a season where the “Heroes” cast FAILS.  Goal, unaccomplished and the after effects.  One of the cast dies and stays dead.  It’s that simple.  The problem is everyone knows the good guys will win.  So why watch?  You can’t have an entire cast wander around for twenty episodes, then come together for a victory in the finale. Dull.

Don’t bet on any changes, though, reader.  I’ll give you proof why “Heroes” is done for, next season.  Tim Kring, THE CREATOR OF THE SHOW, said recently, “The season finale is the best episode we’ve done in a really, really long time”.  That’s not a ringing endorsement for two reasons.  One, the guy who built this series is openly saying they haven’t done anything worth watching.  Two, and most disturbing, he thinks the finale is going to change all that.  Watch the preview.  You be the judge.  I’m pretty sure I already saw it three seasons ago.


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