Madonna. Falls From Horse, Blames Planet.


madonnadm2606_468x737I really have to hand it to this useless clod.  Now, if you’ve read my previous post “Dear Madonna, STFU”, and you should have, my feelings about Madge aren’t a secret.  I think for over twenty years this bonehead has tried to paint herself in a certain frame, but the problem is, she can’t help but $@&* up. 

On Saturday, April 18th, Maddona was at lensman Steve Klein’s place in Bridgehampton, out for a some equestrian action.  Somewhere along the time line, crazy Maddie gets thrown from the horse, and ends up in the hospital with minor injuries. 

Of course rather than blame her own inadequecies as a rider, she blames the papparazzi for jumping out of the bushes and startling her horse.  Never mind the New York Post just reported that she was jumping hurdles at the time.  A little fact that seemed to be missing from most of the accounts over the past 24 hours.  And, yes, I HAVE been watching.  What can I say, I love to torque her lame ass.  She just never quite tells everybody the whole truth.

Maddona, such a skilled rider that she was thrown three years ago and broke several bones, once again has cried foul on a world that is just plain tired of her excuse ridden bullshit.  Honestly, my four year old niece has better excuses why she didn’t make it to the potty on time. 

On a related note, Sacha Baron Cohen has sent flower to Madge for insulting her adoption practices in his upcoming movie “Bruno”.  His message to her was, “no hard feelings”.  What a shame.  I thought Mr. Cohen had stones, but apparently he too, is a complete wuss.  Don’t worry, my faithful.  She’ll get no sympathy from me, I plan on riding her sorry ass like Roy Rogers.  Except,  I won’t fall off and belly ache about it.



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