Spears, Simpson Sitcom. Hell Hath Opened.

simpsonspearsAlright, Jessica Simpson has officially turned to the dark side.  Her singing career is pretty much over, the perfume line didn’t take off.  So, the next logical step is to invoke horror itself, look into the mirror and say “Candyman” five times.  She wants to do a sitcom, and not by herself.

Enter Britney Spears.  Right in the middle of her “Circus” tour and problems with some crazy woman peeking in her windows, sources are saying that Brit is “genuinely interested in working with (Simpson)”.   Apparently, details are that the two would do a buddy comedy, ala “Laverne and Shirley”.  Can’t wait.

The future Mrs. Tony Romo has made it well known she wants to be taken seriously as an actress.  Of course, there’s currently no better way of doing that than teaming up with a crazy chick that shaved her head, alienated her kids, ate fried chicken in a $3000 dress at a photo shoot and basically went bat-shit crazy for the better part of four years.  On second thought, let’s make this happen.  NBC hasn’t completely ruined G.E.’s stock, yet.  After all, something needs to fill the hole on Thursday nights when nobody watched “E.R.”


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