Is “Lost” Actress Done For?

elizabeth_mitchell_v_the_seriesRecent reports have some interesting news for all the “Lost” viewers.  Now, it’s been no real secret that there will be a death on the show at the end of this season, and the shows producers like to bump off a major character every once in a blue moon to keep viewers on their toes, so to speak. 

What’s interesting is that Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays hottie boombalotti Juliet Burke, is now signed up to be in the pilot for ABC’s remake of the old television series, “V”, a sci-fi drama about an alien invasion.   The ABC camp keeps insisting that Mitchell’s role on the upcoming show is a “guest” appearance…but how does an actress make a guest appearance ON A PILOT?

Personally, I believe this to be damage control to a substantial leak at the network, and even The Hollywood Reporter has mentioned that Mitchell had signed on as part of the lead cast.  Really, it all adds up.  What else could turn Sawyer from the sap he’s been recently other than Juliet’s death?

Tag it, readers.  I’m calling the shot right here for you…Juliet is toast.  Stay tuned.


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