Tron 2.0…Attack of the Twitters

Relax, CG purists, fan boys and cyber heads.  The slug line is just a cute come-on, as the upcoming film by Disney is still a “work in progress”, the most popular title for the moment is “Tr2n”.  Twitter has nothing to do with the film, it’s all about MYSPACE, baby! Easy, just another joke.

There are several accounts saying the movie will have a robust 150 million dollar budget, and  loaded to the gills with CG special effects, one even making Jeff Bridges appear in his 1982 form.  No, that wasn’t a joke, stop laughing.  Recently certain clips have even been shown at a public venue, that point to Jeff Bridges main character being a bit evil in current days.  Well, it’s easy to make that assumption after he was forced to wear spandex and a hockey helmet for the first film. Also, the film’s final version may be in, sigh, 3-D.  Apparently, Disney didn’t get the memo that “Bolt” in 3-D was a massive failure.

Also, returning is Bruce Boxleitner as, one can only assume, Tron.  Maybe he’ll spam your email.  Anyway, my yoots, here’s a really raw preview floating around at YouTube.  Peace.


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