Sheen “Moons” Twilight Fans


 Ugg.  I can’t believe I’m doing a “Twilight” bit, but I realize even a  14 year old needs entertainment updates, so I’ll try to remain on topic, as it were.  British actor Michael Sheen has reportedly inked a deal to become a part of the next film in the series, “Twilight: New Moon”. 

According to various sources, Sheen will play Aro, the leader of the Volturi.  That doesn’t mean anything to me, but it may to you, dear reader.  Robert Pattinson, frosted hair and all will return with the ultra-quirky Kristen Stewart to once again star in the sequel. 

Sheen has prior fantasy film experience, playing Lucian in the film “Underworld”, where he led the werewolf grouped Lycans.  Kate Beckinsale was also in that film, just in case one missed her ultra hotness in a vampire get-up.  This time around, Sheen will be playing the leader of vampires, but no word if he’ll have to get highlights for “Twilight”.  Stay tuned for updates, even though it will bring me sheer physical pain to bring them to you, reader.  Hey, for me, I sacrifice all for your entertainment news. 



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2 responses to “Sheen “Moons” Twilight Fans

  1. blogloglinds

    Twilights acting is really awful and sad. I dont think there is anything they can do about it. and Sheen moving into the picture only affects his career. although the books have a cult following…. the movies dont deserve it.

    also how come your blog has a comment box on the main page? and mine doesnt 😦
    how did u get this here?

    • Maddog

      The default page is my newest post, which has a comment box, of course. My “about” page also has a box, it came with the template with a general message, which I erased and rewrote, but kept the box. Hope that helps, and thanks for the comment.

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