Less Pirates, More BioShock.




8779Apparently pirates are wearing thin with not only the shipping world, but the movie magic world, as well.  Director Gore Verbinski, who helmed all three in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, will not be directing the fourth installment of the swashbuckling films.  Yet, he’s still treading water.

Verbinski may be directing the upcoming film, Bioshock, based on the video game by 2K Games.  The game is focused on the fictional undersea city of Rapture, and like all cities, Rapture has issues.  No, not salt budget cuts and garbage pick-up woes…more like crazed zombies and giant infrastructure robots run amok.  The film will have a large gamer base, but Verbinski could put the production over the top with his personal stamp.

As for the “Pirates”, Johnny Depp will return as Capt. Jack Sparrow, and rough drafts have him searching for the Fountain of Youth with enemy Capt. Barbossa.  Keira Knightley has stated she will not return, but rumor has it Sacha Baron Cohen may join up as Sparrow’s brother.  No word on who will direct the film.

Verbinski, not stating why he wanted to move on from “Pirates”, won’t have to say goodbye to Depp for long, however.  They are both involved in the upcoming film “Rango”, an animated feature about a household pet.


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