Rockband to offer “Chinese Democracy”?!?!


alg_axl_roseThe zombified career of Guns N Roses continues.  Friday afternoon, MTV Games and Harmonix announced they will be offering 12 tracks off “Chinese Democracy” for downloads on the Rockband franchise video game on April 14th.  PS3 and X Box 360 will be able to download the album, but Wii players will have to download single songs.  The real question here is, will we also be able to play the french horn on the song “Madagascar”?

This is an interesting choice for the video game staple, being the album was lackluster and debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200.  Only a couple of the tracks enjoyed mild success, and one has to wonder if this is a back room deal since no one including Axl Rose himself attempted to promote the album’s initial release.  Even Best Buy stores had been accused of  barely acknowledging they even had the CD on the release date.

That’s all in the past, now.  Even the most radical GNR fans can now play to what Axl spent almost 15 years toiling over.   Now, if the game allows the lead singer to show up to the concert four hours overdue, the rest of the band resigns mid performance  and a crowd that breaks into a “we want Slash” chant, reality will have found a home on your game platform.  Just don’t go dancing with Mr. Brownstone.  He won’t leave you alone.


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