Dear Madonna, STFU.


madonnaI’m in my thirties, and I’ve been on this planet long enough to have heard entirely too much about Madonna.  No, I’m not going to refer to her as the “Material Girl”, either.  Irrational girl, maybe.  I’m tired of dopey reporters joining the hive mind that Madge is still worthy of being called a musician.  Can you believe this dumb lump of clay is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?  Who the hell voted for her?  Washed up athletes like Jose Canseco?

The world simply has had enough of this complete waste posing nude with Dennis Rodman, then transitioning herself to “children’s author”.  Sure, she had to go to England to sell that, everybody in the U.S. is on to her shit.  Drop the Brit accent, btw.  Not impressing anybody. 

Now, it’s all about her rejected adoption.  Madonna is angry.  Madonna SMASH!  Nobody cares.  Adoption rules are in place exactly for asshole celebrities such as herself.  Really, she’s like a junkie, or something.  Then, to top it and try to take the bad press off her sorry ass, she gives the Italian earthquake victims $500k, almost ten times what the U.S. gave.  That bait and switch bullshit may fly with someone in their twenties, but I’ve seen this crap from her too many times.  Screw up, then divert attention.  Next time, if you really want to look good, you demented hag, donate the money right before you screw up, yet again.  Or, maybe you can just lay low until another generation that doesn’t know you grows up to believe your garbage.  You should be around 80 years old by then.



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13 responses to “Dear Madonna, STFU.

  1. I agree, this is a PIG- Madonna is a disgusting debaucherous EXCREMENT. I have been having a ‘debate’ with the mongrel hordess on different blogs. 😦 DOWN WITH THE EURO-TRASH Madonna!!

    • Anonymous

      Losers, Madonna is here to stay, and I be t that make you even more mad, Ha Ha!

      • anonymous 1

        HAHAHA! She hasn’t been remotely relevant in at least ten years. You are fail. This man speaks the truth.

      • Richie

        Ya’ll just jealous because she’s an icon and you are NOT! Instead of praising her for her achievements you put her down because of your lack of creativity and imagination…She has changed pop culture either you like it or not so give credit where credit is deserved.
        Hail THE QUEEN OF POP!

  2. Madonna is a weird creature indeed. She gets her kit off at every moment but believes in God and adopts lil’ kids from deprived countries (cos of her money no doubt). Her music is mostly shit but she does give a lot to charity. I’m sooo confused by this lady!

  3. ny

    euro trash?

    stupid american, what’s wrong with europe?
    how about you if europeans doesn’t arive to america?

  4. Freddy

    First of all get your facts strait. Madonna never posed nude with Dennis Rodman.
    She briefly dated him. Also if you are referring to her erotic book “Sex” , well one must understand what it was about. After reading your rude heart felt post it’s obvious your mind is to narrow to comprehend something other then a “Pleasantville” repressed American fantasy brought on my too many “Andy Griffith” shows. So my best advise is if you really feel so negative about the Greatest selling female artist in history then, I feel sorry for you. Our culture has advanced past the stone age and we even have a mixed president now too! So take your message of hate and go “tell it on the mountain” that Madonna Veronica Louise Ciccone is here to stay. And in your history books her face will remain…. Long live the Queen!

  5. Something is underlying this vehemence……..maybe like jealousy? What have YOU done with your life? She gets things done, and has accomplished a LOT. Besides, she has a beautiful voice. And…she is a FANTASTIC entertainer. She may or may not have made some mistakes in her life, but so have you? Yet again, that is no reason to trash her so badly like this. Shame on you.

  6. Dennis

    You are all jealous. She is and will remain THE QUEEN. Everybody simply BITE HER DUST. Losers with a capital L… pff.. Gee!!

  7. Chadrick

    Madonna rocks. What you are trying to paint as bad deeds I see as her living her life and even trying to share in some cases.

  8. That’s not very nice! Sure, Madonna may not be your number one choice of music, but she still has a lot of musical talent! And, so maybe she really does fake a lot of stuff, but she may have some musical potential. I don’t think she’s done anything too scandalous, has she? Anyways, Madonna has earned her reputation, and whether you like it or not, it’ll be like that. I’m not a fan, just seeing the good part of life.
    This is just my opinion. Don’t take it personally, seriously, or so closely.

  9. whocares

    she is relevant to you as well since you’re writing about her in the first place. What are you trying to acomplish with this stupid hateful message? attention to yourself? the next perez hilton? you are worst than she is! you are a bacteria feeding from her fame… at least she did it all on her own and she’s worth more than $400,000,000 what are you worth? what are you doing that is so good? for humanity?

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