Five Things You Should Know…

…before you fall in love with a vampire.  This was really a non-issue before “Twilight”, but now, I believe sound advice is needed:

  1. Get a good attorney.  If you end up in a marriage with said vampire, things are legally going to get tricky.  They’re immortal.  “Till death do us part” doesn’t apply, here.  Divorce is never a desirable ending, but when your ex could possibly live forever, a solid, working relationship with a counselor is recommended.
  2. Verify your vampire’s actual status.  We live in crazy world, many goofy pre-teens and all around losers like to pretend they are actual vampires, so it’s important to get confirmation.  How? Google and Wikipedia.  You can find out almost anything on those sites.
  3. Find out what blood type you both are.  If your significant vampire other loses control and well, nips, a plethora of issues could arise.  If say, you are O+ and vampire lover is AB, disastrous results could ensue. Find out, don’t assume.  Remember, “assume” makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me”.
  4. Talk with each other about your public face.  Are you both on the same page with sharing the vampire angle in public?  Figure out if you both plan on telling friends and family members.  Situations will arise, and you don’t want to explain to everyone why your significant vampire other won’t eat or drink at functions, not try on clothes in front of a store mirror, etc.
  5. Finally, use good judgement.  Life insurance policies and blood drives will only complicate matters.  Stick to the basics, such as why you both are in the relationship.  Am I benefiting from this person?  Am I growing as an individual?  Will he/she get thirsty and drink me?  Bottom line, be prepared.  Communication is THE cornerstone of any good relationship, even with the immortal undead.  Better yet, make sure you’ve also got a wooden stake handy.

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