Silver and Black is Whack

Lunatic/Raiders Owner Al Davis

Lunatic/Raiders Owner Al Davis

 The Oakland Raiders.  The punchline of the NFL just became funnier this month when they announced that veteran QB Jeff Garcia will “back up” the $68 million dollar man, a.k.a. Jamarcus Russell.  Remembered as the #1 pick in the NFL draft back in ’07, Russell then held out the start of that season for a whopping six year deal, earning him almost 70 million if he’s around long enough.

Millionaire lunatic and owner of the Raiders, Al Davis, has put out signals that Russell is still the man in Oakland.  Yet, with over forty years of being the poster child for impatience, Davis will most certainly switch to the much older and tested Garcia, when Russell begins to fail. 

This really isn’t a surprise to anyone that has followed the NFL for a number of years, and is standard operations for Davis and the Raiders organization.  These wild roster moves only shows that Oakland still has no clue how to get back to the playoffs.  The only way that Raiders fans will enjoy football next season, is if they all move across the bay to San Francisco.


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