No Doubt Ruins “Ants” Classic Tune


I know all the hipsters out there attaching the word “hella” onto everything are going to go apeshit over the newest No Doubt single, and that’s really sad. 

Gwen Stefani and co. have covered the 1981 version of Adam and the Ants, “Stand and Deliver”, and I use the term “covered” loosely.  By that, I mean they got the timing and key right.  The No Doubt homage to a new wave classic ends up sounding more like a herky-jerky Hillary Duff tune. 

After not being on tour for almost five years,  it’s interesting that the band couldn’t come up with something more original, and well, not so hard on the ears.  I don’t care how easy on the eyes Stefani is, most of the “Gwennabies” have aged a bit, and No Doubt may find “time isn’t on their side”.  Great, now I just gave them another classic song they can destroy.  Look for the band to perform the song on the May 11 showing of “Gossip Girl”.  I know, I can’t wait, either.


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