Hugh Jackman’s “Heartbreak”

Usually, I’d scalp an actor that throws his little sad face on because someone took his ball for a few minutes, but not in this case.  Jackman always seems to act like a pro, and his recent statement regarding the leaked version of “X-Men Origins:Wolverine” over the internet just reflected how he feels about his work.

“Obvioulsly, people are seeing an unfinished film”, said Jackman, “It’s like a Ferrari without a paint job.” 

He never went off on a tangent about the SAG or some dopey sob story about how people are stealing money from the unions.  He was ticked because the work he’d done wasn’t a finished copy, and wanted fans to enjoy it in a final, polished form.

We usually call out wimpy Hollywood types, here at the Throwdown.  Yet, when someone like Jackman calls it like he sees it, much as we do, we acknowledge. 

For the fanboys that can’t wait one more month for the movie to be released…stop wasting your life downloading pirated movies in torrents and get a goddamn life.


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