The Beatles:Rock Band or Not?



With this morning came info out of the Beatles’ Apple Corps. Ltd, MTV Games and Harmonix about what many gamers having been pining for recently…a Beatles “Guitar Hero” style video game.  Details are incredibly sketchy, but for the moment the three major players involved are pushing for a game by the close of 2009.

The arguement here is will it be a part of Guitar Hero, Rock Band or neither?  Not so fast with that snap judgement, gamers.  Neither seems to be leading the pack.  Rumor has it the game will be a stand alone “version” of the Rock Band label, and the Beatles’ famous avatars MAY NOT be a part of the game. 

The only other info at this point is the stand alone video game will detail the band’s songs from the black and white days all the way through the hippie era.  As always, we’ll keep you posted with the late breaking bits.


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