George Lucas Prepares to Destroy History

One would think that after utterly destroying the Indiana Jones franchise, George Lucas would take some time off and maybe just lay low.  Then again, that’s what separates the truly misunderstood genius of Mr. Lucas.  His ability to produce a true piece of shit on film, and then come back to top it. 

For example, he could have quit after the Star Wars trilogy, but decided the general film going public shouldn’t think  he was actually talented.  So, he unleashed “Howard the Duck” on an unsuspecting world.  Lucas is a man that refuses to be accepted as a gifted film maker and always one-ups his own garbage, just to make sure nobody praises him.

This brings us to the movie that Lucas has wanted to produce for over 20 years, “Red Tails”.  It’s a historical piece telling the true story of how the Tuskegee airmen overcame race to be one of the elite fighter wings during WWII.  Not to be confused with the movie that already covered this, aptly titled, “The Tuskegee Airmen”. 

Lucas has the green-light to make this film, (usually a pretty simple deal when you have your OWN studio), and is already raving about his stellar cast.  Terrance Howard is a former Oscar nominee that will join, ahem, Method Man, who’s obvious film contributions speaks volumes.  However, the strangest bit of casting is that of Cuba Gooding, Jr., a man that was already in the original film, “The Tuskegee Airmen”. 

It’s high time that Mr. Lucas admits to himself, he’s a one epic wonder.  The original Star Wars trilogy was great, but that’s where George’s career peaked.  It was all downhill after that, and this latest attempt at trying to masquerade as a serious film maker will only underline the fact that there isn’t a single original spot of ink in his pen.


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