Guitar Hero: Metallica…Unforgive It.

It’s once again time for Guitar Hero to try and sustain itself by releasing an expansion series.  Guitar Hero “Metallica” will no doubt attract anyone that’s ever held an electric axe and tried to recreate the “Creeping Death” solo.  To boot, major cash will no doubt end up at the doorstep of Metallica’s drummer, the uber-weaselly Lars Ulrich.  Never one to cash in, except for that whole ugly Napster shut-down thing, Metallica has now turned to making themselves video avatars and life-like ones, at that.  So much so, that you can almost smell the alcohol on front man James Hetfield’s breath.  Sure, James, we know.  Clean and sober, now..blah, blah yakety-schmakety blah. 

This edition will probably garner some interest, only for the fact that Metallica is one of the inductees for the 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  The game really is presented well visually, and has certainly nailed down the look and feel of a Metallica concert.  Yet, one that also has songs such as “King Nothing” and “The Thing That Should Not Be” that the player has to sit through to get to anything of substance. 

Like any Guitar Hero game, many other bands are included to break up the monotony of seeing Kirk Hammett’s face constantly.  Don’t get excited, however, unless you happen to be a huge fan of Thin Lizzy or the Michael Schenker Group.  Good playability, all around for at least the first day.  After that, you’ll be aching for Guitar Hero: Gordon Lightfoot. 

Final Verdict:  SKIP


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