“E.R.” Euthanized, Finally


The 15th and Final Season Cast of "E.R."

It’s hard to believe that after 15 seasons, one of N.B.C.’s Thursday night regulars will no longer be among us.  Actually, it felt more like 25 years for the few errant viewers the show had left, since apparently no sense of “plot” can kill a television powerhouse.  The two-hour series finale didn’t disappoint viewers as another lack-luster episode came to a close with little more than a whimper. 

When all was said and done, none of the major characters were offed, no medical helicopter crashes and no George Clooney.  His character, Dr. Doug Ross, appeared three weeks ago for one final goodbye to the series, although Clooney passed on the finale, obviously viewing the snore fest that was the script before making his decision. 

Quite obvioulsy, N.B.C. has had no clue what to put in the time slot for some time, and will attempt to jam a Jay Leno comedy show into E.R.’s place starting this fall.  We wish you the best of luck with that, fourth-place network.  It certainly can’t be any worse than what they have subjected viewers to for the last ten years of what formerly was an entertaining show. 

Time of death, 10:00 p.m.  Central time.


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