Denver Broncos “Winners”? Pass the Crack Pipe….



It’s official, pigskin fans.  Armchair quarterbacks and slack-jawed sports journalists agree that the Denver Broncos “emerged clear winners” in yesterday’s monumental trade.  That is, if your definition of winning includes letting a Pro-Bowl quarterback that threw for over 4,500 yards last season a victory.  The Broncos will recieve two first round picks in the ’09 and ’10 NFL Draft, but more importantly, will make a home for Kyle Orton. 

Orton, who is only two short seasons removed from not being able to complete a pass over 15 yards, is now being spun by most sports outlets as the second coming of Johnny Unitas, even though anybody would have looked stellar for the Chicago Bears after the Rex Grossman era.  Lest we judge a player by one mediocre season.

The fact of the matter is the Chicago Bears have been failures at most things associated with the NFL Draft, minus a few above average players.  Pair this with the fact that the Bears haven’t had a proven QB in roughly two decades, and the scenario becomes a no-brainer.  The Bears have swiped a franchise cornerstone in Cutler from the Broncos, and in return, given an unproven quarterback.

Before most of the Denver media proclaims victory, perhaps someone should remind them that first round draft  picks are not proven, or even bankable.  If this were true, mankind would have already constructed a shrine in San Diego to the immortal football icon, Ryan Leaf.  No matter how it’s sliced, in the NFL, victories are still measured by a team’s win/loss ratio, not by how the front office can spin their way out of alienating the players that get them the wins.


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