WTF Friday: Linda McCartney Sings!


Introducing a brand new segment here on The ThrowDown:  WTF Fridays.  Just a little something to get you through to our next article, every Friday we’ll showcase a video, pic or blurb for your pre-weekend consumption.  That’s how much we love you, baby.

This week’s submission?  The opener of all openers, Linda McCartney’s classic recording of her actual vocal track during a live concert singing “Hey Jude”.  I can’t take credit for the find, as our very own Johnny Rantavius clued me in on this train wreck years ago back when he was a part of the music production game.  Give a listen at your own peril.

Just remember, no matter how bad at singing you are, you’ll never be Linda McCartney bad.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em~JB

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